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Drupal evangelism, why not?

Druplicon office sketchTo all web developers in Czech Republic, who still don't offer Drupal solutions as their flagships...

Consider this a biased observation if you will, but it occurs to me that until very recently the term Drupal meant something very rude in Czech IT sphere. As a web developer myself I started to know Drupal four or five years ago and people…Read more »


Check the latest episodes with TVLog

TVLog logoAll hail! I managed to release my first Android app on Google Play.

TVLog is a small project based mainly on my personal needs as I lacked a mobile application that would keep me informed when new TV show episodes are released (so I could watch them online).Read more »


LG Nexus 4 FAQ

LG Nexus 4I'm switching from Symbian to Android 4, a few UX things didn't punch me in the face immediately (or I'm beginning to lose my IT +1 bonus to intuitive skills I guess). So to spare any potentional visitors to this post any more googling - here are some tips/FAQs/hints regarding this smartphone I managed to write down.

I've got the phone…Read more »

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Java CellValue - useful value wrapper for JTables

drupal aidI was working with Java JTables recently on some project and let jsut me say that Swing is a real pain in the ass when it comes to tables. I'm not talking about managing the JTable data model, which is a mess to work with. I'm talking about those things that are supposed to be easy - like if you …Read more »

Drupal Painkillers: Article lists with Views 3

drupal aidHi and welcome to my tutorial on a one of the best and most used Drupal contrib modules - the Views.

Some people look really confused when I show them how to make something using Views module. That's why I decided to write a few posts about Views. Each post will reflect a specific use-case scenario with example code included.Read more »

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